Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy BDay Boston & Jace

Boston & Jace Then

Jace & Boston Now

So yesterday was Boston's real 1st bday, but since Todd had to study for his final for this morning we celebrated it today by going to Build a Bear and then to Chuck E Cheese with the Cranes since today is Jace's Bday. Boston got a new dog at Build a Bear and surprisingly stepped on the thing to fill it up without freaking out... I think both girls feraked when they did it and they were both 2. Chuck E Cheese was insane we've always gone early and it was like we went on a Friday night so it was a little stressful but still fun and the kids did surprisingly well for it being nap time. I can't believe my baby boy is 1! It really flew by, I thought I was going to lose my mind when we were going through all his medical stuff but I'm so blessed that that is over and I can just sit back and play with him. He's getting so big he just started walking last week and I love it when he sneaks up behind me and lays his head on my shoulder to give his Mommy some loves, he's such a sweetheart. I keep telling Todd I hope it's girls from now on so he can always be my baby boy!

We're riding a crazy roller coaster in case you can't tell

This is the only pic where you can kind of see my new short hair, it's all spiky in the back and the sides barely cover my ears but you can't really tell here

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tid Bits

So I'm a little behind but I have 2 separate 3 day barfing migraines to thank for that. So here's just a few things that happened last week...

Wednesday was my friend Becky's Bday and since the guys picked up a final that day and she was 5 days away from her due date I thought the girls and I would make her a cake and throw her a little party. I'm happy to report she had her baby Sat. before her due date.... which is a huge blessing in Nh since they like you to go 42 wks before inducing kill me know!

Friday we went to this ghetto grocery store since we had limited Todd time and I saw these juices called Rip Sips it was such a great name I had to get them for the girls and just in case you're wondering they stain tongues!

Saturday we went to the Library where Kya filled out her full name to get her very 1st Library card she was so excited and the Librarian made a huge deal about it for her and gave her an I Love to Read pencil which she has told everyone everyday about it since.

Here's a better pic of the car bed

I also had all my hair chopped off a few wks ago so I'll try to get a pic up soon!

Monday, April 21, 2008

What a Big Boy

So part of Boston's Bday present from us was to get him a car bed. I've been looking on craigslist for months now and finally found one Friday that was the right size for the right price... well and then I sent Todd who got it for even cheaper $30!! Anyways I put it together Saturday morning just in time for Boston to take a nap in it. He LOVES his new bed!! He sits up and then gets excited and buries his head in his new Cars sheets. He has successfully taken 3 naps and 2 full night sleeps in it. Way to go Buddy! I'll try to get a better pic of the bed but he's sleeping in it right now so that'll have to wait.

Boston's 1st nap in his Big Boy bed!

Wakin Up and ready to escape

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boston's 1st Bday Party!!

I know it was a little early, Boston's real birthday isn't until the 29th but all our friends are dispersing in the next few weeks so we decided to have his party before they all left. So last Friday was the big day we had to start it early at 9:30am since he goes to bed at 11am. I think he had a good time we had a Cars theme party so I made him a Mater cake which he took down to the last inch. I'm also happy to report that Boston now has more to play with then My Little Ponys. He got some tools, a tool bench, some cars and his favorite his Cars cell phone which I'm glad to say replaced the Cinderella one he's been carrying around for weeks. All in all it was a good time!!
Goin Strong...

Check Please!

Sunny Days

So last week it got up to around the 60's so we finally got out and headed for the park. It was perfect the playground had no snow except for the swings so the kids were able to play and Tarzan was able to do his favorite thing pounce around in the snow. Boston spent the 1st hour just hangin out in the wagon with his milk and teddy grahams he was too funny.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a BALL!!

So Friday night the Law School had their annual Barristers Ball. Last year we didn't go because I was like 2 wks away from giving birth and not in the mood to play dress up! This year however I was up for it and we had so much fun! Larisa and Taylor were kind enough to do everyone's hair and make-up earlier in the day and I was all over getting my make-up done, I took Kya with me since she's way into dressing up and all that girly stuff. Taylor was nice enough to paint Kya's fingernails and give her the cutest up do while I got my make-up done. Almost all our friends made it out to the ball, it was so much fun to see everyone out on the dance floor! I think that's the best work out I've had in a long time! A very special HUGE THANK YOU to Brandon Mecham who watched our kids so we could party down!!

Kya and I took pictures of each other when we got home from Larisa's

About to head out


My Husband in all his glory

We got sick of everyone's cutesy poses

The Mormon Clan aka Rulers of The Dance Floor

I'm Back!!!

Well I back dated some of my posts but I've been bustin out some posts tonight. So just to back track a little bit, sadly Todd did not fit into the bunny suit but we did have a blast at the ward Easter breakfast anyways. Some new traditions we started this year for Easter were decorating egg shaped pancakes for breakfast, playing chubby bunny after dinner and roasting smores by stove top. The girls had a blast playing chubby bunny, I'll have to see if we can upload the video on here later because it's pretty funny. Since Easter it's been fairly quiet around here we've all been really sick.

Egg hunt #3 Ward Breakfast

Easter Our House

Boston was thrilled that the Easter Bunny left a huge marshmallow bunny in his basket

Here he is afterwards tryin to sneak some chocolate... BUSTED!