Thursday, February 28, 2008

Best Family Vacation EVER!!

Just a warning this is my journaling so feel free to skip it if you want. Ok so we just got back from our trip down to Hershey, PA. It could not have gone any better... well maybe if we wouldn't have forgotten the dvd player for the hotel but other than that it was awesome! We took off Sunday around 6am and ended up at our friend's The Evans at around 11:15am. We thought it would take us much longer with pee stops, possible puke stops and maybe lunch. The downside was that they didn't get out of church until 2:30pm. So we drove down the street to Sears so the girls could pee and then we killed sometime walking around and even had a picnic in the van. When we got to the Evan's the girls wanted to play in the snow and we still had about an hour to kill... luckily I had brought everyone's snow stuff just in case the weather got bad. So the girls hopped out and built a little snow man using all our snacks as accessories. We had a great time visiting with the Evan's and were very grateful for the invitation to stay. The girls had a blast with Bella and we hope to return the favor in the near future. Monday morning we set off for Hershey, it was a much shorter drive than the day before and we couldn't believe how many things they were to do in PA.

The girls loved the Hershey factory. They had a cute ride that took you around and showed how the chocolate was made and the girls favorite part Singing Cows. After the tour the girls got to package some kisses which they thought was really fun. We had some fun taking pictures with some huge Hershey Syrup piggy banks. Then it was off to see the singing cows once again. We were lucky enough to run into some LDS Missionaries in the gift shop to snap a family photo of us. On our way out of Hershey we hit the outlets and scored on some boy jammies for $2.50 a pair and the Disney Outlet. Of course nothing was on sale for girls and they had nothing in Boston's size so the girls are now enjoying breaking in all the Cars jammies for Boston! We decided to head back towards home about an hour to Allentown, PA, where Todd scored us a huge King suite with a separate living room for the girls to sleep in for the same price as a queen room. The only downside... apparently on the east coast a heated pool just means an indoor pool because that pool was FREEZING!! Unfortunately for Todd that didn't matter to Boston and Mia and he was stuck playing mermaids for awhile. Monday we ate at Boston's Gourmet Pizza... we were hoping they sold shirts or something so we could get one for Boston. It turns out they didn't but when we told our waitress that was why we came the manager sent her back out with one of their glasses for us to take home. Tuesday was a long day of driving. In total we left the hotel at 10am and got home at 7pm. But we did make 2 stops one at Todd's favorite part of the trip Cabela's, which is a huge outdoors store it was the biggest store I've ever seen. They even sold pre-made cabins which were out in front and they had dog kennels and a horse corral in the parking lot that you could use while you shopped. We also stopped for dinner in Burlington, Ma at the Rainforest Cafe. Everyone thought that was pretty cool.

I would have to say Mia handled it the best. Kya ended up in my lap every thunder storm and Boston got upset everytime the gorillas went off... it didn't help that they were 2 ft from our table. Although it was so cute by the end Boston held out a french fry to the big one as if to say if I give you this will you please shut up. We came out of the mall to a huge snow storm and 5 o' clock traffic... a little stressful but none the less we made it home in time to play volleyball at the YMCA. All in all the kids slept almost the entire time we were in the car and just were awesome. Boston definitely gets MVP for just being hauled around and never making a peep. Runner up goes to Todd who did about 95% of the driving and made it home through the snow tight butt cheeks and all.
In The End is Was HOME SWEET HOME!!

A HUGE thanks to Michelle and Lexi for walking our dogs each day and to Taylor for watching the kids so we could play volleyball!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Something New

Ok so I rarely post pics of myself and the last thing I want to do is see it everyday when I get on here. So I had to post something new even though I don't really have the time for a quality posting but I can throw in some random pics.

We recently got to watch our friend's son Landon... The girls had so much fun and I don't think he minded the afternoon with the ladies.

Kya wanted to get some pics of her with Tarzan... of course as soon as I grabbed the camera he wanted out of their cute cuddling session. Kya was very disappointed.

Boston thought because Daddy left for Jersey for a few days that he got to have control over the remote!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Yes it's true curly hair. All my life I have had butt straight hair that wouldn't even curl with a curling iron. Out popped baby #1, my hair goes curly in a 3in. strip down the back of my head. Baby #2 the strip widens. Baby #3 and I'm curly all over just not as tight in the front. My hair was so heavy before that it never looked good but when I got it cut short the curls sprang into action. Here's some pics for proof... the hair's not that great because this is day 2 sloppy seconds.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our Little Edward!

I thought you all should know that Boston may be part vampire!


I feel like I have been in a none stop dash for the last 2 weeks. We have done so much the girls had their 1st trip to the dentist which went fairly well. Kya kept insisting that Mia go 1st. Mia had her moments of freaking out but Kya did surprisingly well for being so worried when we got there. We've been to bday parties and Nemo on Ice which was the coolest thing I've ever seen and all should go! We even some how found time to do Lunch at Ellie's and go to Open Gym, where Kya went on the big balance beam all by herself for the 1st time. I also went to school with Kya last Wednesday, and Boston had his VERY LAST GI appt!!! YEAH!! He is 18lbs 4oz and no longer needs to be seen there or take his meds. Mia had her 2 yr appt. yesterday and is 45% for her weight and her length jumped from 25% to 45%. I had all 3 in the office and they couldn't have been better behaved. Boston played on the step under the table and ate his snacks, Kya sat by me and watched closely at everything the Dr. did and Mia never made a fuss or moved the whole time. Other than that I've just been super busy with my calling in church trying to get everything together for a canning day in our building on the 23rd, a little stressful since the order has been placed and it turns out nobody in the stake knows where the canner is. So it's just been a lot of time on the phone or out of the house with no time for the computer. Which would be why I'm way behind again! Luckily since I got a chance to get online today I checked to see when our library books were due and all 20 of them were due today so they are now renewed and I barely escaped a huge late fee.

Here's Kya washing babies at school

Open Gym

Boston and Jace

Obviously Mia didn't get the hands down memo

I had to take our old camera to Nemo since they wouldn't allow mine in so those will have to be posted later when I get the chance to find the cord!

Super BUST!!!

OF course we get all decked out in our Patriots gear for the Super Bowl and they lose. What a bust!! On the flip side we had like a million law students over to watch the game and everything went so smooth. The kids did awesome considering over here the game didn't start until a little after six. Boston of course fell asleep before anyone got there, and amazingly stayed asleep through all the running and screaming in the hall from the kids. I'll have to add a picture of Boston later but he had on his cute Patriots sweat suit. Everyone else got to chow down on the yummy food that was brought and watch the game. I didn't get a picture of everyone in our living room together, the ones I got the wives were in the kitchen at this point. But just picture them sitting in front of all the husbands up to about 3 ft in front of the TV which made it seem a whole lot bigger than it already is!

Taylor, Melanie, Dee, Larissa holding Paige(Kya's favorite baby), and Gina holding Kya who was dying to get in her lap and eventually fell asleep. Becky was on the wrong side of the kitchen Michelle left to put Jace to bed and I'm taking the pic so that covers the women folk.

They don't matter as much they all belong to us!

Even little Henry tried his best to make the Pats win!