Monday, November 24, 2008


Here's some random pics:
I'm Lucky to have such cute men in my life

I caught these two dancing in the kitchen together on Sunday before church

Kaprice has been banished from our room into her big girl crib in the girls' room. This is from her first nap in her crib.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Ok so I had to vent... first of all one of the things that bugged me the most was Jasper's Zoolander face the WHOLE MOVIE! I also hated how they added off the wall things at the sacrifice of some important parts of the book. I told myself not to go in with high expectations since I hate almost all movies that are based off books, but then I reread right before going to see the movie and I got myself all caught up in a Twilight frenzy that I didn't collect myself before going and ended up disappointed. Edward was a lot better than I thought I was not pleased with the casting choice at first,Bella spot on for me, Alice I thought was perfect, Esme and Rosalie I thought should have been more striking, Jasper would have been ok considering he didn't speak the whole movie expect he kept making that stupid face, Carlisle I thought was good too. I've picked a part this movie with tons of people since going to the midnight showing and I'm almost tempted just to clear my thoughts and see it again, there were good parts and some over the top. I just have a hard time thinking anyone who hasn't read the books would be able to follow that movie, and the one's who have read it and are in love with Edw... I mean the book ie. Me would not particularly like the movie either. I wonder what will happen if they do #2 hopefully someone else takes over on the directing because I think that was part of the problem.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm a Big Girl!

So with the move coming up right after Mia's bday Todd and I decided to take her out on a special Mia day early since we could leave the rest of the kids with Mimi. Mia has been patiently waiting to turn 3 so she could have her ears pierced like her big Sissy, so she got to cheat and have it done a few weeks early. Here's the play by play...

This is what it took to get the other side done and lucky for us this kiosk was located in the food court. I'm sure everyone was ready to call CSD. Although there wasn't so much crying as there was screaming " GET ME OUT OF HERE!" over and over, but I think you all should know that the minute we held up a mirror to her she went from histarics to laughing in under a second... what a brat!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Busy Busy

That last 2 weeks have been so busy but so much fun! The kids have gotten a TON of Mimi time and loved every minute unfortunately we had to send her back to Gpa today:(
Todd, Kaprice and I were able to drive down for a real quick trip to Virginia to look at places, we found 2 that we really liked but are still waiting to hear from a place Todd's boss told us about. I can't tell you how excited I am to start new in Virginia! Also taking advantage of having a live-in babysitter Todd and I went together up north for Kaprice's hearing test and stayed at the David's House ( McDonald's House). We are pleased to announce that she did finally pass her hearing. We didn't do too much outside of the house except for going to see Madagascar 2 and a quick trip to the outlets for some work shirts for Todd and Mimi picked up some xmas gifts to save on the shipping. Mimi also got the girls the cutest dresses for winter and today we tried to do another quick photoshoot which of course Boston and Mia were not feeling. Other than that we just soaked up some Mimi time and did some packing and organizing here and there. Thanks Mimi for a wonderful visit.

Here's some random pictures

Resting during an exhausting trip to VA

Just so you get an idea of what I go through taking pics of all the kids, I usually get 3 cute kids and a face like one of these, I just happened to get all 4 of the "Faces" in this shot!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a Blessing

Today we had Kaprice's blessing, it was so sweet. It was so great to share it with all our friends who we'll soon be leaving. Todd did an amazing job and we're so grateful for our beautiful new blessing in our lives.She may be screaming because it was 30 degrees out

The Circle- Tyson, Mike, Todd, Dillion, Richard, and Pete

The Circle plus some Law school friends Constance, Jermaine & Gaelan

Boston looked so cool today in his new church clothes unfortunately he puked all over himself right after they passed sacrament and Mimi and I made a quick exit with the kids home which is why there's no family blessing pics.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was crazy this year, everywhere in town ran out of pumpkins and we had to go to a Farm supply store after checking 4 grocery stores and getting a tip off that even Walmart ran out, we could not find Boston's shirt anywhere that went under his outfit, we forgot to put Kya's jewelry on, I carved 4 pumpkins just hours before we left for pictures and broke every carving tool we had due to the thickest pumpkins EVER, Boston and Kaprice cried all day from having awful colds, I was trying to clean up for Mimi's arrival while tearing apart the house at the same time looking for Boston's shirt, all in all we dropped the ball this year but we'll be all over it next year when we don't have so much going on.

Hannah Montana putting on a show for all the cars stuck in traffic in front of our house

Every year we've gotten the law student kids from the ward together for pictures before going downtown to trick or treat. This year I stayed home with Boston and Kaprice since they were sick but they did make a brief appearance for pictures. I heard that Mia was a huge hit downtown and Kya got recognized by all the candy givers under 25, so they had a blast.

The Princesses ( Ellie, Abby, & Mia)
The Ladybugs ( Kaprice & Leah)

The Oh so excited Boys ( Boston & Jace)The Group minus a few
Vampire-PJ, Buzz-Zach, Dragon- Henry, Turtle- Lil Boston, Ladybug- Kaprice, Hannah Montana- Kya, Angel- Kallyn, Jasmine- Abby, Dragon- Russell, Ariel- Ellie, Batman-Jace, Fairy Princess- Lexi, Snow White- Mia, Shirley Temple- Allison, Butterfly- Gretta, Caterpillar- Issac, Monkey- Big Boston and Ladybug Leah didn't make this shot