Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tid Bits

Ok so this blog is going to be a little all over the place, so bare with me. First to clear things up, yes Todd got the externship in D.C. so we'll be closing the New Hampshire chapter of our lives in Dec. After so much school the last few years it feels great to be moving on. He had some job interviews in Kansas but we haven't heard anything on those yet. Before Todd left we did run up to Storyland real quick to check it out and get some free passes. It was so cool the girls loved it there despite our short trip. We're going to try to get back up there in the next few weeks. For all you locals check it out at
I passed my second glucose test thank goodness because I got so sick I would have died if I had to test again. So everything's good in that department. We had some preschool drama here recently. The school that Kya went to last year decided 2 weeks before school started to let us know that our area wasn't considered low income anymore and that they wouldn't be letting her return. Since it was too late to get her in anywhere else and we can't afford a private preschool, and maybe do to the extra hormones I flipped my lid. After going after the principal, preschool supervisor and the District Superintendent I'm pleased to announce they made an extra spot for her at her old school just in a different program. Kya also got excepted into a Ballet on scholarship which saved us like half the money so we're happy and she's going to be one busy girl this fall.
Ok so some of you have noticed that Mia has an extremely high pitched voice... she sounds like Mickey Mouse. You would think having such a small sounding voice would make her nice and quiet... Not the case. Mia has no volume control! She's also been obsessed with our Missionaries, so every Sunday we walk into the Chapel Mia points and screams out "There's the Missionaries". Luckily for us we get there early enough it's not an issue, but there's been a few times where they have come in late so she doesn't notice them until The Sacrament is being passed and that's just lovely. And since one time we made brownies when they came over now we can't make brownies without having them over or have them over with no brownies. I think this is why they never mind stopping by to see the girls.
Boston is getting to be such a big boy. He's such a Mama's boy I love getting all my loves from him through out the day. His new favorite thing is to back up against something and point his 2 fingers at me and say " Ma, Set, GO" ( On your Marks, Get Set, GO) and then take off across the room, although if you don't repeat him in just the right way he doesn't take off just looks at you more intensely and makes you start over again. He also had his 1st trip to the dentist which I thought would be a disaster but he did really well, ad was very excited when he found a mini dude ( sea turtle) in the toy bin to take home, and he's cutting another 2 teeth on top with more getting close on the bottom which makes too many to count, he has all his molars in so he pretty much has a mouthful of teeth.

Please Excuse the crappy pics it took me awhile to realize I had stuff on my lens.

Todd about to send in his acceptance letter to D.C.

Storyland Pics

Riding in Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage

Boston in the Spray Park

My Little Miss Muffets... when you sat on the stump the spider came down it was pretty funny.
Another visit from Our favorite Missionaries this time they came with gifts... Clay!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Soap Box

Ok so I hate complaining well not really I just like to vent and then refuse all help when it's offered. Anyways If you notice the post time yes it's 4 am. I can't sleep I've been up since 2, I've already cleaned my upstairs bathroom and the playroom. I just have way to much going on in my head to sleep. I'm stressed about the move (post coming soon), finding a place to rent short term ( always a pain), downsizing our crap, dealing with everyday kid stuff, finding new Dr.s, not having the energy to get anything done until I should be sleeping, I could go on forever. On top of that I was looking forward to having Todd for a week before school started so we can get organized before the storm. For those of you who don't know our crazy timeline it goes something like this... school, midterms/baby in Oct, finals/move in Dec., all in a few short months, on top of that Todd will also be working 2 jobs and studying for the Patten Bar which means he will be M. I. A. until he probably has to drive the truck. Anyways back to looking forward to the help... instead Todd is spending all day in Boston today for some stupid training thing, then I found out that I have to spend 4 hours in a lab Monday for failing my glucose test, Tuesday I have WIC and another appt. in the afternoon, if we don't do something fun Wednesday I'll kill myself, and then Todd's off to Kansas City for 2 job interviews only to make it back just in time for school. UGH!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

11 wks to go!

29 Wks!

Ok so some of you may have noticed that I looked huge in my D.C. and family pics, that would be because the baby had painfully turned into a weird position which she has done 2 other times now. This is what I look like in normal mode. I haven't posted pics because they looked the same until 25 wks when over night my belly just popped out!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

So My Mom called us when we were in D.C. to tell us Boston had a nasty fall, she thought he may need a stitch in his lip but then he was fine. Seems like hanging out with Juju and getting hurt went hand in hand for Boston. He had quite the number of bloody noses in just over a week. I gave her such a hard time about always trying to shove him head first into the ground, it was pretty fun to tease her and she's gonna freak out when she sees this post. Well I'll just show you and you tell me what you think.

Looks Innocent Enough

Hmmm, this was taken shortly after leaving on another "walk" with Juju

Thursday, August 7, 2008

So Much More

My Mom and sister left Tuesday, I was pretty bummed. Mia thought they were coming back later that night. Kya was not so naive and had a complete break down as soon as they entered the airport. She tried to hide it she covered her face and slumped over her car seat. Then I could hear her start to hyperventilate, shortly after came the water works. Then of course I lost it so we had to pull over at this cute little park just past the airport. I held her for a little bit she calmed down pretty fast and then we swung through "Old McDonalds" and headed back to our sad empty house.

I really enjoyed having them visit though, after the long D.C. trip we cut things out like going to the Waterpark and Storyland but we did go to the beach in York and the girls were so excited they totally forgot the previous plans. It looked so crappy when we got there but then it got hot. Mia and Kya would not stay out of the water and they weren't happy unless the waves were hitting them in the face. Buddy ran around with the wagon the whole time, for a home body he absolutely loves the beach. We also got to celebrate my Mom's bday which was fun. Todd bought her this huge Hula Monkey Balloon because the girls think it can't be your bday if you don't have a balloon. Then she got the famous frozen Heath pie and a massage from my favorite spa. And somehow we managed a quick photo shoot before they took off Tuesday morning. The time goes by so fast, I feel like there were a million things we didn't get to do. I can't wait for them to come back out!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

D.C. Baby !

Todd got a call for an interview in D.C. at the beginning of summer and we were lucky enough to have my Mom and littlest sister KaLeah come to watch the kids so that we could take off for a few days together. My Mom totally pulled one over on me and showed up a day early, which was awesome because I was so stressed about leaving Boston. The original plan was to pick her up drop her off and leave for D.C. , with the surprise he was able to warm up a little before we took off. The drive down sucked we hit unbelievable traffic really late Sunday night. Pretty much from CT to VA. I had to pee like a million times, I couldn't even blame the kids for all the stops it was just me and my pregnant bladder. Anyways we were so lucky to have our great friends the Madsens welcome us into their home for our first night in town. As soon as their little boy Landon woke up he was my sidekick. It helped me get over the fact that I had just left my baby boy for the first time. He was so cute I loved it.

Our first day we did just about everything. We walked all of "The Mall", saw the white house, went to the Natural History Museum and the Holocaust Museum. The only thing we didn't get to do that was on our list was go to the Federal Bureau of Engraving which Todd really wanted to do. That night we drove into the cutest Downtown area of Arlington and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. The next day Todd had his interview and when he got back to our hotel we headed back to the Metro station to the Arlington Cemetery. My favorite part was watching the changing of the guard at The Tomb of the Unknown Solider, it was worth almost dying of heat stroke and having contractions like you wouldn't believe. We definitely headed straight for the hotel after that. I was ready to pay any price just to have someone drive me down that hill to the Metro station. A hot bath and a night in helped a ton. Anyways all in all it was a great little trip and we loved the area.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Love This Book!

Ok so I know I'm way behind on my blogging and I'm trying to catch up it may take me a few days but I had to post that I just finished this book yesterday and I LOVED IT!!

And for all you local ladies the Twilight movie comes out the day before my bday... anyone for a midnight showing?!