Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kaprice Gets a Big Girl Bed!

After watching my 9mo old try to flip herself out of her crib and use monkey toe grip to climb the bars., I decided it was time for a Big Girl Bed. She loves it! She sleeps fine in it and feels so big.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kya is a Youtube addict

Ok so we knew Kya had a gift when she could log onto the internet and check the weather before she was 3, by 4 she's surfing all the preschool gaming sites so what did age 5 bring... I found her on youtube looking up videos, mind you she's done all this without parental help, she's even picked up some German by singing to videos. These are some of her favorite videos...

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Week of FUN!

These last few days have been a blast. It started Thursday when Emily and I took the kids to the Zoo. They lasted 5 hours it was crazy we got to see a lot. The weather was perfect and the kids loved getting soaked in the misters. Friday was pretty quiet I was still recouping from the Zoo trip but we did manage a trip to the park after getting to the library only to find out it was closed. Saturday started early with an 8am Breakfast in the church parking lot. It was so much fun the food was good and they had lots of activities for the kids including a giant sling shot for water balloons and a rocket launcher that launched 2 Liters with water in them and let's not forget Boston's favorite the Firemen with their Big Truck. After the breakfast we swung by Home Depot so the girls could make their monthly project a picnic caddy which was great because I used them later that night for our BBQ. After home Depot it was naptime, followed by a Gorilla Glue incident I'll explain later but just know you should always read the label before using and wear gloves! We ended the evening with a small BBQ with the neighbors and some friends. Than we had smores and went out front for fireworks. I had gotten the kids glow stick braclets which I have to say was the hit of the night. Next year forget spending money on the fireworks I'll just hit up the dollar tree again for more glow sticks!

Buddies at the Zoo

Baby Mia was chilling in her stroller so she missed this shot
Kya thought driving the truck was pretty coolBoston's Heaven
Our little Patriots

These two were eyeing the brownies
Getting the fire ready for Smores
Yummy Smores
Um I'll take that
Back off Kaprice

Our Neighbors The McCubbins

Getting ready for the fireworks

We ended our weekend of fun with a visit with some friends from Law School today the girls were really escited and it was a great visit Thanks Janalee!