Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Juice Bandit

Sisters beware the Juice Bandit... this is what happens when you leave the table without finishing your juice!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Juju

The Saturday before Juju left we went to the Zoo. It was freezing but it was a lot of fun. They had a members only thing from 8-10am so we got free Krispy Kremes and Hot Chocolate and great parking. We went to see the New Baby Gorilla but by the the Zoo had opened to the public and the Mom and turned away from everyone so you couldn't see her. But I did have anm encounter with an Orangatang it was too funny. My Mom thougth she saw one over in the corner so I walked over to get a closer look and I was like yeah it his and he has a blanket around him, no sooner had I said this when he gave me a dirty look and pulled the blanket over his head and whole body I thought I was going to pee my pants I wish I had had my camcorder on. After the Zoo we took advantage of our new GPS and went to drive by the monuments in d.C. so Mom could catch a glimpse, which she was fine with because she was too cold to walk the Mall.

Here's Kaprice spitting on Juju it's her new thing now

2 of these Monkeys went home with me

Kya thought posing with the statues of animals was the best part

This red panda's name was Tate which happens to be my Dad and Brother's name

I'll Pass

Pretending to Kiss Papa

We got sick of holding her

Yes I'm the lucky one who gets to walk around 100's of people while breastfeeding

A rare photo opp. ( because I'm in it)

The Last Supper
Todd watched the kids so Mom and I could go to Dinner the night before she left.
We had fun and we miss you already you better come back!!

What I miss about New Hampshire

I have to say lately there has been not much that I miss about New Hampshire besides our good friends, at least until yesterday when I found this in our basement
Mind you are basement is completely finished and serves as a playroom with a guest bedroom attached and a bathroom, so we can't just have gross things running around. This is a House Centipede absolutely disgusting this is an image of a different one sense the real one saw the bottom of my shoe about 3 sec after I saw it. It was HUGE about 3-4in long there was one on google images that a guy was holding and it had to be close to 10-12in. So I would have to say what I miss about NH would be that nothing servives a NH winter and you don't see HUGE bugs like this!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's!!

So I let the kids pick out their own outfits this year. I wasn't aware the requirements included pink. Mia actually picked her pink pants first which I thought was cute because they really did match her shirt, so then of course Kya had to have pink. Too funny! I actually had a green sweater on Boston but once he saw his Celtics shirt he demanded a wardrobe change.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Juju's HERE!!

Juju flew in bright and early Tuesday morning and we have been having a blast! Boston got to challenge her in a one on one game of soccer, she took the girls to Toys R Us and emptied the entire play food section for their new kitchen, she even found time to ride the train at the mall with the kids and read with Kaprice.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Fought the Floor and the Floor Won!

I don't know how many times I've told Kya to quit running in the house especially since she lives in tights so she can ice skate all over the hardwood floors. Well she finally did it I thought this was definitely going to need a trip to the hospital but it didn't split good thing on a side note as I'm typing this Kya just flipped backwards off the side of the desk and hit the cupboard on the way down, seriously does she have a death wish I don't know about. Here's some pics taken a week after... yea a week it was pretty bad.
Here's a pictures from today nearly 2 and half weeks later we finally found our Arnica pills because the bruise was so deep the gel wasn't cutting it. After 2 days it finally started to break up.


Ok I admit it I have a problem... I have a weakness for brownie batter and often have a bowl stashed in the fridge. Boston has obviously taken advantage of this and was caught numerous times sneaking in the fridge... looks like a guilty face to me!

Did anyone else picture this when they saw the pic of Boston?

And Everything in Between

The last few weeks have been a blur. After Kya's injury I decided to finally take her out on a Mommy Daughter date she had been begging for. We hadn't had one on one that didn't involve errands since 2 wks before Boston was born. She wanted to go to the mall and ride the train and carousel and then go to a restaurant (which is Kya's favorite thing to do). We had a great time we even found some gauchos for $6 at Old Navy so she walked a way with 2 new pairs. We ate at the Macaroni Grill which Kya thought was pretty cool because you could write on the table with crayons. I really enjoyed our special time and can't wait to do it more often.

We were also hit by the PLAGUE! Now mind you I'm glad this was not a barfing diarrhea flu but I did feel like I was going to die none the less and it lasted a whole week. I had a fever for 4 days!! Are you kidding me!! Every bone in my body was aching, my lungs were on fire and then I got the congestion part of it all and couldn't breathe which resulted in an asthma attack at 4am one morning. Luckily the kids did not get it as bad and I'm happy to report that we have conquered this evil in our household.
One day having fun grooming your little sister, the next temp over 100 and watching your siblings play outside. Poor Mia!

And then yesterday we woke up to almost a foot of snow! Mia as usual got all bundled up and as soon as I shut the door cried to come back in, which was fine because Boston has zero snow gear besides a coat. Kya and Boston were outside for hours until Boston fell on his face and his hands were numb so he couldn't get up. Yes that is my son in Pink bibs and boots, whatever don't like it then you can chip in and buy him some bibs and boots!